Winter use of electric blankets, these matters must be noted!

This year's winter will soon come, this time heating equipment on the field! A variety of heating equipment to show their talents among them, sleep the most popular of course is our electric blanket.
Electric blankets are good, but there are also great safety hazards that can easily lead to accidents. Therefore, we need to understand the electric blanket and the use of precautions.

The hidden danger
Electric blankets are usually made of chemical fibers or pure cotton, both of which burn easily. The two wires were placed in contact, and the small wires soon ignited. Under the actual situation, the fire source under the quilt cover, it is easy to smite, causing harm to the personal safety of residents.

Cause of the fire
There are problems with the quality of electric blankets: for example, fake electric blankets are bought.
Use time of electric blanket is too long: the line of electric blanket has been aged, and there will be safety risks when it is used.
Incorrect use method of electric blanket: for example, folding electric blanket when using or pouring water on electric blanket carelessly when using can cause short circuit of electric blanket and cause fire.


How to prevent

1. Do not buy the electric blanket with inferior quality, no qualification certificate, no guarantee of safety measures or homemade electric blanket.

2. After the electric blanket is energized, people should not stay away from it and pay attention to whether there is any abnormal situation. In case of temporary power outage or go out, should disconnect the circuit, in case of unattended when the call and lead to accidents.

3. The electric blanket is best laid on the wooden bed, and a blanket or thin cotton mattress is laid on the top and bottom of the electric blanket to prevent the electric wire from bending back and forth and violently rubbing, resulting in short circuit.

4. The electric blanket must not be folded to avoid heat concentration, high temperature rise and local overheating.

5. When used for infants and patients who cannot take care of themselves, it is necessary to check the temperature and humidity of the electric blanket frequently. In case of short circuit or leakage, it is necessary to cut off the power supply in time to prevent accidents.

6. If the electric blanket is dirty, take off the coat and clean it. Do not wash the electric hot wire in water together.

7. To avoid repeated folding in the same position, in case the electric wire is broken due to folding, causing fire. If the "not hot" phenomenon occurs due to long use, it should be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

8. The power time should not be too long, generally before going to bed with electricity heating, turn off the power when sleeping, it is recommended not to use overnight.


Post time: Oct-25-2022