What are the advantages of diving fabrics over other fabrics?

The diving fabric is made of nylon Jiaji cloth (N cloth), also known as four-sided elastic megacloth, and SBR rubber foam material glued with environmental protection glue.


Because this material is mostly used to make wetsuits and fishing pants, the material is impermeable and breathable, with good elasticity and is not easy to break. wait~~
Neoprene (SBR CR diving material) is commonly known as diving material fabric. The Chinese name is neoprene. It is a kind of synthetic rubber foam. It feels fine, soft and elastic. . Because it is widely used in the manufacture of diving materials, everyone has an easy-to-understand name for it: Neoprene (diving material). In recent years, with the continuous reduction of cost and the vigorous promotion of many professional finished product manufacturers, it has become a new type of material that has been continuously expanded and expanded in application fields.
Neoprene is widely used in various colors or functional fabrics after fitting: diving suits, sports protective gear, body sculpting products, gifts, thermos cup covers, fishing pants, shoe materials and other fields.
The lamination of neoprene is different from general shoe material lamination. For different application fields, different lamination glues and lamination processes are required.
Neoprene, SBR CR's lamination, embossing, splitting and other materials. Products are widely used in luggage, leather goods, handbags, clothing, shoe materials, sporting goods, protective gear, sports products, diving supplies, packaging materials, laminating composite products, toys, gifts, automobiles, electronics, medical and other industries.

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Post time: May-11-2022