How to wash diving fabrics? Characteristics and scope of application of diving fabrics

How to wash diving fabrics: Washing diving fabrics is very simple with daily detergent. Because the diving fabric itself is waterproof. It is best not to expose to the sun for a long time after washing, let it dry naturally. Long-term exposure to the sun will cause the rubber to age and affect the feel.

Characteristics and scope of application of diving fabrics:

Good weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, self-extinguishing, good oil resistance, second only to nitrile rubber, excellent tensile strength, elongation, elasticity, but poor electrical insulation, storage stability, the operating temperature is -35~ 130°C. In addition to diving suits, diving fabrics are also widely used in sports protective gear, body sculpting products, gifts, thermos cup covers, fishing pants, shoe materials and other fields.

Moreover, diving fabrics have long been used in fashion by many designers, and they have gradually become the trend of the new season with their excellent plasticity and comfortable touch. From the runway to the street, from the stars to the mix-and-match talents, the appearance rate of diving suit fabrics and clothing has exploded. Because of the particularity of the material, the clothes made of diving fabrics look very textured, and there will not be too many silhouettes that can be naturally formed because of people's body problems. Oversized coat jackets, printed pullover sweaters, fishtail skirts, deconstructed skirts, straight waist dresses, etc., the smooth and concise appearance is the key, and the three-dimensional skinny sculptural sense creates a technological style.

Post time: Sep-20-2022