How to make the insulation efficiency of the insulation package improve?

Insulation package, as the name implies, has the function of keeping cold/heat, and is suitable for holding a variety of food, fresh, pharmaceutical and other temperature-sensitive product packaging. It is also known as ice pack in the industry, often used in conjunction with phase change storage material (refrigerant) to achieve the purpose of cold/heat retention.

Insulation package structure

Insulation package generally has a three-layer structure, respectively, the outer surface layer, thermal insulation layer and the inner layer. The outer layer is made of Oxford cloth or nylon cloth, which is strong and wear-resistant; the thermal insulation layer is made of EPE pearl cotton insulation material, which plays the function of keeping cold and heat, and this layer determines the insulation efficiency of the insulation package; the inner layer is made of aluminum foil, which is radiation-proof and easy to clean.


Insulation package innovation

At present, the domestic and foreign markets use a lot of insulation package, food, fresh food and other short-distance preservation of cold / heat can be used insulation package device to solve the problem of insulation time. Compared with insulation boxes and other insulation devices, insulation package has the characteristics of light and easy to fold, in transportation, storage can save space and reduce costs. Disadvantages of insulation package insulation time is limited, the current use of perlite material insulation performance is generally and not easy to make too thick. We can consider from other angles to optimize the insulation package insulation time, the following can be referred to:

1. Material innovation

Material is of course the main insulation layer, the current domestic insulation package insulation layer are selected pearl cotton as insulation medium, due to the high thermal conductivity of pearl cotton, limiting its insulation efficiency. Foreign SOFRIGAM company uses polyurethane foam as the insulation layer, greatly improving the insulation length of the insulation package. Green cold chain packaging center developed nano-based insulation material instead of pearl cotton, insulation performance can be comparable to the common XPS insulation box.

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2. Structural innovation

From the insulation package structure optimization, need to consider the structural factors that affect the insulation performance of the insulation package, such as insulation package body adjacent to the face of the seam without insulation layer material, bag mouth zipper without windproof structure, etc., these parts also produce a lot of air convection heat exchange resulting in a decline in insulation performance.

Therefore, in the insulation package structure design can be optimized, the use of integrated insulation package body design, the use of insulation layer of soft characteristics to reduce the seam parts, improve the insulation performance. In the pocket zipper surround can be designed with the corresponding tongue windproof structure, through the Velcro to fit, so that its zipper has a double layer of protection. In addition, the design of the heat insulation layer structure, you can carry out double-layer insulation material filling design, the outer surface layer and the inner layer between the formation of the first heat insulation layer, the inner layer and the outer layer between the formation of the second heat insulation layer, using pearl cotton, environmental protection EVA, wool felt and other insulation materials for filling.

In short, the application of insulation package has been involved in people's daily life, people shopping, excursions, picnics can use insulation package to solve the problem of food preservation, insulation and preservation of freshness, the future insulation package industry will pursue more lightweight and convenient, environmentally friendly and efficient products.

Post time: Oct-17-2022