How should I choose knee pads?

The knee is one of the joints that has a high rate of injury, which can affect our daily life and sports functions. If you are injured, you will think of buying a knee pads to protect your knee, but there are so many types of knee pads on the market, how do you choose the right one for you?

How to choose a knee pads?

1. Knee sleeve
The most common and most commonly used to prevent sports injuries, mild arthritis, or swelling. Since the patella is covered for a long time, it is not suitable for daily wear, especially for people who need to go up and down stairs or squat. The reason is that when the knee joint is bent more than 45 degrees, the knee pads will restrict the relative position of the patella to the femur, which will increase the chance of patellar degeneration and knee pain over time.

2. Fixation belt
This is usually used for patients who complain of patellar tendon pain when running or jumping. The main function of this  knee pads is to give some restraint to the patellar tendon to dissipate the tension on the tendon, thus reducing pain. It is recommended for people with patellar tendonitis, patellar tenderness, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and iliotibial fasciculus syndrome.

3. Patellar compression knee pads
Also used to control minor swelling of the knee, but suitable for everyday wear as this type of knee pads does not compress the patella. It is suitable for people with posterior patellofemoral pain, difficulty going up and down stairs and squatting.

4. Pivot knee pads
Usually used for athletes with ligament injuries to improve the stability and protection of the repaired ligament. This is the only type of knee pads that needs to be worn continuously and not removed until recommended by your physician or physical therapist. This type of knee pads is not suitable for wear during sports as it is restricted by the metal brace.

5. Adjustable stability knee pads
This type of knee pads is more suitable for wearing during sports. It is usually recommended for athletes who have just recovered from a ligament injury or who are returning to sports and are afraid of re-injury. It provides some support to the joint.

Post time: Nov-01-2022