Do you really use environmentally friendly shopping bags?

With the increase in environmental awareness, many partners are aware of the importance of using environmentally friendly shopping bags, you can see more and more people choose to bring their own environmentally friendly bags when shopping. But the way you use environmentally friendly shopping bags is really environmentally friendly?

Why do you need to use environmentally friendly shopping bags?
This question I believe that many partners can answer up, in today's rapid social development, the use of plastic products are increasingly widespread, "white pollution" has become one of the important sources of pollution in urban and rural environments. Relevant reports show that nearly 80% of plastic products are landfilled or scattered in the environment, in the soil may not be 200 years to degrade.

How to use the correct environmentally friendly shopping bags?
The real way to open environmentally friendly shopping bags is: reuse

So, pick a shopping bag, please be sure to use it often, take it to the supermarket more often, buy vegetables, let it achieve its maximum value.
If you have more environmental protection bags at home, you may want to share with your good friends, so that the environmental protection bags have more opportunities to be used. This is the behavior that should be in love with environmental protection.

Post time: Nov-08-2022