Advantages of non-woven insulation bag

Advantages of non-woven insulation bags.
  First, the use of non-woven insulation bags save a lot of plastic bags, support the cause of environmental protection.
  Second, non-woven insulation bag clean and hygienic, non-woven insulation bag itself is waterproof and oil-proof, the material is also all environmentally friendly materials, wear resistance anti-wrinkle performance is superb;.
  Third, the non-woven insulation bag insulation effect is good, out of the meal out, is still hot, from the meal color and taste can also achieve the desired effect. So that the work of the work of the dietary problems can be easily solved, the opportunity to go out for picnics can also increase a lot.
  Fourth, non-woven insulation bags can be used for take-out of restaurants, take-out can also be printed with a personalized promotional message to enhance its visibility.

Post time: Nov-08-2022